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Sugar Smart

The idea of health and wellness is attractive to many of us.  At times resisting splurging is futile. However, with this helpful guide of  savvy strategies, there’s no need to reject your sweet tooth – just manage carbs and enjoy.

Stable Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels

Low-Glycemic Index (low-GI) foods– those carbohydrate containing foods that convert to sugar slowly– are generally higher fiber.  In general having measured amounts of carb with others foods steadies blood sugar levels, creating a foundation for inner balance. Achieving blood sugar control is a key component to lasting weight loss because our bodies over correct sugar spikes by over producing insulin.  The resulting impact turns on body in fat-storage mode. Controlling your blood sugar reduces the demand for insulin and helps keep your body in fat-burning mode.

Lasting Weight Loss

Eating low sugar and processed carbs also boosts the production of hormones that regulate the functioning of the digestive system. Appetite is championed. When you feel fuller, longer, you won’t be reaching for that “quick fix” the something sweet and crunchy to quickly address blood sugar slumps.

Switch to Prevention & Achieve Wellness

Choosing low-GI foods decreases risk for diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Beating Jitteriness & Blue Days

Emotionally health is directly linked to eating healthfully. Mood and anxiety are related to serotonin levels (calming hormone). In order to sustain a steady mood you need to maintain your blood sugar levels by eating low-GI food steady serotonin levels,

Lasting Energy

Our bodies process low-GI foods slowly, which leads to enhanced physical and emotional fitness. By delivering a sustained release of energy, we can support our body throughout the day to prevent dips in blood sugar. Say goodbye to ‘between meal slumps’!  Be Well and Be Awake for the Life you Love!