About Us

At Avellino Group Ltd we deliver Personalized Medical Nutrition Therapy (pMNT) working collaboratively to enhance the care of clients and improve health outcomes. We are certified, trained nutritional and metabolic medicine specialists.  For each client we see, we start with a diagnostic approach, seeking the root cause of symptoms, conditions, and disease. Our services are medically supervised and coordinated with medical doctors and mid-level providers.  

We recommend personalized therapy, which can take several forms: metabolic nutrition therapy, wholesome food, targeted nutraceuticals (quality-assured nutrient supplements), lifestyle coaching, and personalized fitness directives. We engage clients across a sequence of visits. They become active participants in their health. Our protocols incorporate nourishing food and specialized, cGMP, NSF quality assured nutraceuticals, prescription IV nutrition, and medication therapy management when needed. 

A sampling of our procedures and tools include:

  • Metabolic, Medical Nutrition Therapy:
    • Comprehensive Medical and Nutrition Intake, assessment, and education
  • Seasonal allergy and sublingual antihistamine Rx including related food strategies
  • Food allergy and sensitivity testing
  • Key Specialty Labs, including nutrient, hormone, inflammatory, immune, and metabolic markers
  • As-needed diagnostics such as HRV assessment, body composition, continuous blood glucose monitoring, metabolic, fitness, and motion assessments
  • Medical foods and meal replacements for weight loss, blood sugar reduction, and lowering inflammation
  • Personalized nutraceuticals based on objective data, for symptom and disease management

Our Mission

To cause a shift in healthcare by meeting people where they are in their quest for optimal wellness, and delivering practical and precise health solutions. At Precise Health Solutions, we focus on restoring the inner workings of your body (physiology) by employing metabolic and nutritional therapy as well as lifestyle counseling and education. The goals of our targeted programs are to produce optimum levels of physical, physiological, and emotional function which create well-being and enhancement of life.

Reviving Your Health

Metabolic and nutritional therapy is the assessment of function that occurs at the cellular and sub-cellular level (your body’s genes) that underlie symptoms and disease. The result is a loss of vitality. Many of today’s most challenging, costly, and debilitating conditions, which include a variety of age-related diseases, are closely tied to poor diet and lifestyle habits. Heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes, many cancers, digestive disorders, and immune, skin, and respiratory diseases are all linked to sub-optimal metabolic status and nutritional imbalances. The consequences of imbalances are different for each of us due to genetics, the surrounding environment, and food selection. Precise Health Solutions was designed to combine cutting-edge diagnostic and genetic testing with state-of-the-art metabolic and nutritional medical concepts to help individuals attain optimal health. Certain concepts regarding nutrition and exercise apply to everyone. Precise Health Solutions takes these concepts to the next level and addresses the specific health needs of each individual based on his or her genetics, medical history, nutritional status, exercise capacity, stress levels, and history of exposure to environmental toxins. Our goal is to provide you with choices to live a strong and energetic lifestyle through the implementation of our unique approaches. In essence, we strive to help you reset to “factory standards.” The result of our fact-based approaches to wellness will be to increase your energy level, vitality, and emotional balance while reducing your risk of catastrophic illness.

Revitalizing Health Care

PHS is committed to educating clients and their Health Care Practitioners in the science of nutritional medicine. We aim to create a common language and provide the medical community with educational materials, clinical support, and resources that will help them improve the care they provide to their patients. By understanding the nutritional and metabolic needs of our body systems, Doctors will better be able to provide preventative and restorative recommendations that can be tailored to their patient’s specific needs. We will work with members of the medical community to tailor treatment plans through specialty lab testing which can help us understand both the risks and issues that are present at the metabolic and genetic levels.

About Our Programs

At Precise Health Solutions (PHS), we are committed to helping our clients achieve their health goals. We understand that a health journey is just that. We are all on different stages of our health journey and at PHS our philosophy is to meet you where you are and help you achieve your goals from there. Some of us will greatly benefit from some basic steps that afford a foundation and others are moving along to more advanced practices. At Precise Health Solutions, we provide fact-based directives to match your unique quest for optimal wellness. We take out the guesswork and include our clients in their plans. We take a step-by-step approach to hone in on health Solutions that work for here and now. Then we guide what’s next when the timing is right. We have organized our educational materials, products, classes, and programs into categories that matter to our clients. Most of us will be able to resolve our health issues and meet our goals by taking some simple steps to improve our nutrition and lifestyle choices. Understanding the impacts of nutrition, environmental influences, fitness routines, and lifestyle choices is the first step toward feeling healthier. After taking some of these basic steps, if one wishes to go further down the path to wellness, we have classes and programs that will guide our clients through their journey. Whether it’s improving body composition and losing weight or reviving the digestive system, we have evidence-based methods that can be tailored to individual needs. So please, explore the categories of your wellness and check out our programs, articles, and care packages. Take a simple questionnaire to help us further understand your needs, and if there are still concerns, let’s schedule a virtual office visit with one of our clinicians who can work with your medical provider to order labs and recommend Solutions to help you achieve your goals. At Precise Health Solutions, your health and well-being is our primary concern.