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Knowing your genetic blueprint is the basis for personalized nutritional medicine and allows you to design a targeted health plan. Genetic testing reveals whether you are predisposed to health conditions, such as obesity and metabolic disorders- which affects your sleep, mood and overall quality of life. Identifying what’s out of balance also helps you understand your body’s unique architecture. You may not be able to modify your genes, but you are able to impact the recipe to optimal health. By replacing what’s missing and taking out the ingredients that cause problems, you realize true health benefits. Nutrition-focused genetic testing revolutionizes health management and offers you the optimal customized food, nutrient and lifestyle care plan. Personalized results provide you with a powerful tool to really understand what steps you can take today to achieve optimal weight and wellness tomorrow.
  • vitamin b
    B’s are the Bomb! Are you getting essential B-Vitamins?

    Good nutrition is essential for good health and the possible prevention and resolving of many conditions. Getting enough vitamins and minerals are necessary part of leading a healthful life. But it is almost impossible to get all of your vitamins from food, especially with all of the processed food available. One group of vitamins that [...]

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  • Vitamin D
    The Deal with D

    The Deal With D Called “The Sunshine Vitamin”, the importance of Vitamin D has become apparent within the last decade or so. It’s called “The Sunshine Vitamin” because when your body is exposed to the sun, your skin makes the vitamin and it is then sent to your liver. The liver converts it to a [...]

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  • Genetic Wellness

    Nature or Nurture Have you ever wondered why if we are predisposed to illness, some of family members do not get sick?  Or why even when some people take very good care of themselves, they may end up with illness?  Nature refers to our genetic makeup. Genes are the blueprint of our physical characteristics and impact the inner [...]

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  • Reviving Weight Loss & Body Composition

    Overweight is generally defined as higher weight than is proportional to height.  Obesity occurs when weight is more than 30% over ideal weight.  Higher body fat composition generally accompanies these maladies and contributes to health issues. Being overweight/obese is common, especially where food supplies are plentiful and lifestyles are less active.  The incidence of obesity [...]

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  • Nutritional & Metabolic Medicine

    Nutritional & Metabolic Medicine regards the whole body and range of inner chemical processes.  Imbalances underlie disease or other symptoms or conditions. Imbalances very often arise from our environment, such as wholesome food, reducing chemicals and adding high priority nutrients. Exercise, and trauma are processed by the body through your unique metabolism and should be taken [...]

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  • Ridding Toxins

    Everyone has heard of someone who is “nutritionally detoxing.” You may think it’s all about juices and starvation, but done well a detox has some irreplaceable long-term benefits that you too can reap! What is a Nutritional Detox? Cleansing & detox diets have become increasingly popular as a quick weight-loss method and a way to improve health. [...]

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  • What [Else] Do B Vitamins Do For You?

    B is for Big Benefits! B Vitamins are renowned for making energy, but do you know what else these little guys can do for you? Check it out and don’t forget it. Different types of B have different roles in our body. B Vitamins need to be activated to do their part.  Methylation is a [...]

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