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ReVive Brain Health

Your brain, much like your heart, is subject to the ravages of aging. Fortunately, this delicate organ is very responsive to nutrients that can both protect and support optimal memory, mental energy, and acuity. These brain-boosting products can help by enhancing circulation and blood flow to the brain and supporting your brain with healthy omega-3 fatty acids and powerful antioxidants.
  • brocoli recipe
    Quick broiled Broccoli

    Broccoli has great benefits, and cooked with Coconut Oil, Even Better! Broccoli is a member of the cruciferous family of vegetables which contain phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and fiber.  Eating broccoli is said to lower our risk of cancer and may help protect us against cardiovascular disease.  Michelle’s family enjoys this recipe because of the browning effect [...]

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  • Asparagus saute recipe
    Asparagus and Tomato Saute

    Beautiful, Healthy and Delicious – Spring is in the Air! Being one of the first vegetables to be harvested in spring, asparagus is not only delicious but is full of health benefits. Asparagus is one of the top 20 nutrient dense foods based on caloric content. It is loaded with vitamins A, C, E, K [...]

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  • Sensational Salmon

    Sensational Salmon, Beautiful, Delicious, and Healthy! Why are Fish and Fish Oil essential ingredients for health?  They are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are the “good guys” that help to lower triglycerides in the blood and too many triglycerides can increase your risk for heart disease. Among the omega-3 fatty acids are [...]

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  • carrot recipe
    High Roasted Moroccan Spiced Carrots

    What’s Up Doc? Carrots!!! Did you know that Carrots are not only a great source of vitamins and nutrients, but they are also believed to help lower the risk for Coronary Heart Disease?  This anti-oxidant rich vegetable may also help prevent certain cancers and supports vision, brain function, protects your liver function and has anti-inflammatory benefits. [...]

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  • dark chocolate recipe
    Healthy Dark Chocolate Super Bites

    These Healthy Dark Chocolate Super Bites are just the right size when you are craving a sweet treat. The high cacao content of the chocolate combined with the dried fruits, nuts and seeds makes this snack full of antioxidants, good fats and fiber without being too sweet. Let these super bites melt in your mouth [...]

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  • vitamin b
    B’s are the Bomb! Are you getting essential B-Vitamins?

    Good nutrition is essential for good health and the possible prevention and resolving of many conditions. Getting enough vitamins and minerals are necessary part of leading a healthful life. But it is almost impossible to get all of your vitamins from food, especially with all of the processed food available. One group of vitamins that [...]

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  • fish oil
    There’s Nothing Fishy About Fish Oil

    You have probably heard that you should eat fish at least twice a week but do you really know why? Fish and fish oil are high in omega-3 fatty acids. When you ingest fat from foods, it breaks down into fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are the “good guys” that help to lower triglycerides in [...]

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  • Vitamin D
    The Deal with D

    The Deal With D Called “The Sunshine Vitamin”, the importance of Vitamin D has become apparent within the last decade or so. It’s called “The Sunshine Vitamin” because when your body is exposed to the sun, your skin makes the vitamin and it is then sent to your liver. The liver converts it to a [...]

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  • Chocolate benefits
    Chocolate Actually Is, Good For You!

    Decadent, rich, smooth, delicious, creamy, luxurious. These are all words that describe chocolate. But there’s another word that is not typically associated with chocolate, healthy. Yes, healthy. There are many health benefits of chocolate, especially dark chocolate. Chocolate has been enjoyed by people going back to Pre-Columbian Mexico. The Mayans and Aztecs were known to [...]

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  • The Immune-Digestive-Neuro Trilogy

    Did you know that your immune fitness is related to how well you maintain  your health and how quickly you recover from illness?  If the immune system is weakened, you’re more likely to not feel well, get sick more often, and take longer to recover. Immune wellness is also closely tied to our digestive and [...]

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