Client Experience

Client Experience

Welcome to Precise Health Solutions!

At Precise Health Solutions (PHS), we have a three-step process to guide you. The following describes what to expect along your health journey with us:

  • Step 1: Partner – We partner with a team of practitioners to begin your health journey. Based on your medical needs and personal goals, you will interact with an experienced member of our medically supervised team who will serve as your connection to the PHS Team.
  • Step 2: Panel – We will recommend a panel of core testing to direct our specific and scientific approach
  • Step 3: Personalize – You will receive options for levels of care specific to your test results and readiness for change.


Step 1: Partner

This relationship is a partnership where two-way communication, time, and effort are necessary. We ask for and offer patience, precision, and perseverance, like a marathon and not a sprint. Please download our Precise Health Solutions App on Apple and Google Play.

1. Register: You can register online at

2. Create your account: Upon registration, you will receive a link to There you will create your account as a Precise Health Solutions client.

3. We ask our clients to upload a copy of their driver’s license and insurance card (front and back) before being placed on our schedule.

4. Within your patient portal, please provide and complete the following:

  • Medical Forms:
    • Intake questionnaire
  • Administrative Forms:
    • HIPPA Privacy Authorization Form
    • Notice of Privacy Practices
    • Authorization to release medical records
    • Medicare private contract (if applicable)
    • Add a credit card to keep on file for co-payments
    • Client experience (signed)

5. Upload any relevant lab reports from previously seen practitioners.


Once the questionnaires are received, you receive our welcome patient portal message (PPQ), where we will request that you schedule your initial appointment and remind you to complete
any missing forms. Within your portal, you can securely access your medical records, personalized recommendations, wellness plans, labs, educational materials, medications, and supplement
recommendations. We also encourage you to check the Patient Orientation Guideline within your portal which provides written and video instructions on how to use the portal. Once you
are registered, you may also download our Precise Health Solutions app on your phone for your convenience.

What to Expect at Your Appointments

Personalized Metabolic Medical Nutritional Therapy Services (pMNT):

pMNT is a science-directed planning process that incorporates modern medicine and proven food, nutrient, herbal, and lifestyle therapies to promote physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing.
Precise Health Solutions is a part of the Avellino Group and combines the efforts of a multidisciplinary team including advanced trained practitioners to address your whole health.
You will be interacting with medical doctors, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, clinical pharmacists, and registered nurses.

Appointment Types:

Initial Consult (approximately 30-45 min)

During your initial visit, you will meet with an advanced trained practitioner. Your health history and current symptoms will determine which integrative and specialty labs will be ordered using
your insurance through HealthLab. In addition, you will be notified that other diagnostic tests not available via insurance may be recommended on a cash basis. Data collected from these diagnostics are necessary to define your precision recommendations. We will do follow-up labs to track progress and define the necessary next steps.

New clients should be prepared to discuss the following information during this first visit:

  • Chief complaints
  • History of present illness-when symptoms started, what makes it better or worse
  • Health and family history, concerns, and goals
  • Medication therapy
  • Nutritional supplements and herbal therapies
  • Allergies and sensitivities
  • Eating style and hydration
  • Activity and energy levels
  • Sleep patterns
  • GI and digestion
  • Previous diagnostic testing and lab work
  • Mind health and readiness for change
  • Initial supplement recommendations

After your first visit, our advanced practitioners will provide further instructions to implement and personalize your plan and answer your questions.

Your program starts with: clean eating, clean water, increased fiber for regularity and GI support, lifestyle changes, and foundational supplements. Nutrient density is a focus. You will
also be able to access WellWorld, a food, lifestyle, and supplement tracking app. WellWorld also allows secure communication with our office.

Follow-up Consults (approximately 20-30 minutes)

At this visit, you will review your plan and follow-up instructions. (Your plan is continually fine-tuned based on testing and your feedback.)

Expect the following:

● Vitals (weight, blood pressure, etc.) review
● Review of chief concerns, medications, allergies, etc.
● Test kit instructions
● Lifestyle recommendations to further achieve health goals including food, meal planning, the importance of quality-assured – pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements,
● Supplement timing and dosing
● Fitness and lifestyle recommendations including educational material
● Schedule coordination with collaborating specialists as needed.
● Q&A regarding your care plan


Lab Result Consult (approximately 20-30 minutes)

• To view lab results you must request a follow-up appointment with your provider so that these can be reviewed alongside you and your questions can be answered right away. The results will remain visible after that.

• We will only be able to review one specialty lab test result per appointment due to the comprehensive analysis and volume of data. Guidelines, medication and supplement timing and dosing, nutrition, lifestyle strategies, and education will be discussed.

• Many clients choose to conduct personal research or Internet searches. We encourage you to create a list for your healthcare provider if you have questions. As part of your personalized health journey, appointment choices are available as follows:

    • Initial Integrative Medical & Advanced Nutrition Consultation-In Person or Virtual
    • Follow-up for instruction and further personalization of plan every 2-4 weeks
    • Treatment plans include personalized food and nutrients: vitamins and minerals, IV therapies, pharmaceuticals, and/or herbs. The nutritional and metabolic medical attention we provide is like a marathon, not a sprint. We anticipate that as imbalances are removed, symptoms lessen or go away, conditions improve, and your health strengthens.
    • Behind the scenes – Coordination with hospital and specialty laboratories, and diagnostic centers, formulating personalized medication plans, particularly for sublingual immunotherapy, IV nutrition (enteral parenteral formulations), cooperating with local and compounding pharmacies/pharmacists, collaborative physicians, and healthcare providers may require behind the scenes time.

Suggestions for appointments:

  • Taking notes is essential
  • Depending on your level of health, a patient advocate is highly recommended for understanding approaches, managing logistics, filling out forms, setting appointments, understanding shared information, etc.
  • Kindly, please have forms and any requested information ready so administrative tasks can be handled efficiently.


Please note: Medical advice will NOT be provided via text, email, or phone.


Step 2 Panel:
Lab Testing & Care Plan Review

All lab results will only be reviewed during a scheduled appointment. All forms and questionnaires must be filled out before scheduling your lab testing. Lab testing is an important aspect of your metabolic nutrition plan. One lab test result will be reviewed per visit and reevaluated according to your personalized plan. Typical lab work includes Advanced Integrative Nutritional diagnostic testing using blood and urine. These samples are sent to various labs across the country. You will have approximately 4 tablespoons of blood taken and distributed in as many as 20 vials.

In addition, we have several tests to deepen our investigation such as NutrEval FMV, GI Stool Effects, Urine Comp/Toxic Elements & Heavy Metals, Hormones, and Neurotransmitters. The
results of your lab tests may be accessed through your PHS patient account after seeing your practitioner.

Please upload a copy of lab results or other diagnostic reports from your other health providers to your PHS patient account in advance – please do this at least one week prior to your appointment.

Additional lab work at regular intervals will allow us to monitor your progress and direct revisions as needed. We will call you regarding test results when emergency values or immediate action is required.


Step 3:
Personalized Plan

Once you have completed the Step 1 Partner and Step 2 Panel, we will work with you on the Step 3 Personalized Plan based on your test results and your feedback.

How often will I be seen for appointments?

Your appointment frequency is based on agreement with your personalized approach. A unique plan that fits your needs will be created.

As described in Step 1 Partner, your appointments will lead to in-home test kits and possible in-office labs. After your in-home test kit instruction appointment, we ask that you complete your
test kits and lab work within 8 – 10 weeks.

After initial testing, your practitioners may request additional lab tests before each appointment to monitor progress and direct revisions as needed. Specialty labs may be added such as Lyme, food sensitivities, mycotoxin, environmental toxins, etc.

We process labs, when possible, through HealthLab, a Northwestern Medical affiliate, which results in significant cost savings for our clients. Please refer to “Questions for Insurance” in the
General Resources section under “Labs and Documents” in your portal to determine if you are In-Network for HealthLab. Our policy is to review one test result per appointment due to the volume of information covered in each specialized test. These tests are much more in-depth than customary bloodwork.

Your personalized care will focus on one or more of the following:
● Removal of contaminants and chemicals
● GI strengthening
● Addressing underlying infections
● Nutritional rebalancing
● Hormone optimization
● Immune strengthening
● Monitoring ongoing medical issues


Financial Policies

Precise Health is contracted with major insurance companies locally and nationally on your behalf. We work to manage your out-of-pocket costs as responsibly as possible. For example,
the expense of one visit at a similar “cash only” practice ranges from $500-1500 for a single visit. This is likely the same amount as 12-24 copayments through insurance. On the other
hand, after deductibles are met, copayments are often $10-20 each which hopefully makes our plan and process within reach for you. HSA’s and FSA’s can also help offset overall costs.

We currently work with the following insurance companies in ILLINOIS:

  • Aetna
  • BCBS of IL commercial PPO
  • Meridian
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Molina
  • Multiplan
  • United Healthcare
  • VA Community Care
  • We currently work with the following insurance companies in INDIANA:
    • BCBS (Anthem)
    • United Healthcare

Please verify your insurance benefits and coverage for medical, nutrition counseling, and diagnostic testing with your insurance company. Suppose your insurance company requires
you to have prior authorization or a letter of medical necessity for any in-office services, laboratory testing, or prescriptions. In that case, we are here to support you. To expedite and
get the best results, our staff will provide the information needed for you to complete any documents after you have contacted your insurance company. You are responsible for copayments at the time of service to meet your deductible and copayments per the terms of your insurance coverage.



Late Arrival – If you arrive late to your appointment, the appointment’s end time remains the same. This is out of respect to other scheduled clients. This includes Virtual visits.

No-Show – a full payment charge will be due

Cancellation – please send us a PORTAL MESSAGE to cancel and reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment. You will be considered a no-show if the appointment is not canceled.

Returned Checks: A $45 fee will be charged for any check that has been returned due to insufficient funds. The $45 fee plus the check amount is due within 10 days to avoid further action. If your account is in arrears for more than 60 days, we will turn your account over to a third-party collection agency.

Financial arrangements made by you with your attorneys, insurance companies, or other third-party payers will not be considered in the collection of your account.

Practice Locations:

Precise Health Solutions

220 N Green Street, Chicago IL 60607


All Care Rheumatology

3501 Westfield Road, Westfield IN 46062

Phone: 312-533-7500 Fax: 312-778-5993


Office Hours

Monday-Thursday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm CST

Please leave a specific message when you call. Include your name, return phone number, and reason for calling. We will do our best to keep you updated while waiting on a necessary response. Phone calls more than 5 minutes in duration will require a follow-up appointment scheduled with the appropriate practitioner.

Email Guidelines: Please use your SECURE PATIENT PORTAL to send us any questions, and you can also use [email protected] regarding supplement orders, refill requests, lab results, scheduling, or questions/updates.


Other Important Information

Our office DOES NOT provide Emergency Services. If you feel that you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room or immediate care center

Precise Health does not take the place of your primary care doctor or specialist.

Please continue to see your PCP and specialists. We are affiliated with several primary care practices. We are glad to make a referral upon your request. Please contact our office prior to beginning any new medication, including over-the-counter products, antibiotics, or treatment regimens that are suggested by another doctor to avoid any interactions.

The decision to change your Nutritional medical plan, to continue or discontinue care with us or any other physician, is yours. Our providers can advise you on standards of care if you
choose to change your plan.
Our philosophy is to support patients using a combined traditional medical approach with personalized Nutritional medicine. We strive to strengthen your metabolic and nutritional
health to offset the need for medication, promote medication effectiveness, and optimize medication therapy management.

Our Practitioners design a list of specific food, Nutritional lifestyle recommendations, and Nutritional supplements based on what you and your body tell us. Given fast lifestyles, the impact of processed food, and environmental impacts, nutrient, and herbal therapies are necessary for your body to function optimally and restore balance.

Your care for our group is progressive. Our goal is to facilitate inner healing, reverse disease processes, and assist you with attaining a higher state of health. Some clients may feel worse before feeling better based on their initial health and specific biochemistry. Detoxifying and optimizing health takes time. Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint.


• Our clients understand that payments and copays are due at the time of service.
• Our clients understand I must keep a credit card on file, and payments will automatically be processed
during service.
• Our clients understand the scheduling and cancellation policies.
• Our clients received information on what to expect at my appointments.
• Our clients received information regarding how to best communicate with Avellino/Precise Health Solutions (PHS) staff.
• Our clients understand that Precise Health Solutions does not offer emergency services.
• Our clients understand that the review of laboratory results and changes to my care plan can only be made in appointments.
• Our clients understand that I will need to schedule an appointment outside of my regularly scheduled visits if I wish for practitioners to research any treatment, medication, or supplement that
is not on my current plan.
• Our clients received information on appointment frequency.
• Our clients acknowledge that Avellino/PHS uses a progressive plan for care that can take an extended amount of time.
• Our clients understand that I will need laboratory work completed before my appointments so my provider can monitor my progress.
• Our clients have read through the three-step process and understand my role in my health journey with PHS.
• Our clients electronically signed a copy of the privacy practices (HIPAA) by which Avellino group DBA Precise Health Solutions will abide



Nutritional and Metabolic Medical Care Plan

• Our clients give us informed consent regarding their medical care. Understand the risks, benefits, possible side effects, and alternative approaches. I want to pursue using nutritional
supplements and prescriptions based on my medical condition(s), family medical history, and laboratory results to try and correct my medical issues. I have been given an explanation of why these products are used and understand that my practitioners are acting in my best interest. My care is based on my symptoms, lab results, current literature, and peer-reviewed research: correcting imbalances, inflammation, and other pathological processes.

Statistical Analysis & Publication.

  • Our clients understand Avellino/PHS may gather data for possible statistical analysis and future publication. I am willing to let Avellino/PHS use my age, identified gender, history, medical history, family medical history, lab results, and other medical procedures conducted for future publication. My name will not be disclosed. Additionally, I understand that there will not be any compensation or unique Nutritional and Metabolic Medical Care for voluntarily participating.
  • Our clients have read and understood the Nutritional and Metabolic Medical Care Process.
  • Our clients have read and understood the Statistical Analysis and Publication Consent Form Statement