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Nature or Nurture

Have you ever wondered why if we are predisposed to illness, some of family members do not get sick?  Or why even when some people take very good care of themselves, they may end up with illness?  Nature refers to our genetic makeup. Genes are the blueprint of our physical characteristics and impact the inner workings of our body. Genes are responsible for eye and hair color, how tall we are, our body shape, our demeanor, even how we laugh.  Most experts feel that 99.5% of our genes are the same. Only 0.5% makes up our differences. Many of these characteristics carry forward from from one generation to the next. Diseases may also be coded by our genes.  It is suggested that more than 4,000 diseases result from our genetic makeup. When a gene is impaired some of the consequences are minor, while others are debilitating.  Many conditions including heart disease, obesity and depression arise from an interplay between multiple genes, our environment and lifestyle. Nurture refers to your environment and upbringing.  Our surroundings also effects your personality, demeanor, and physical self.  The good news is that what is take into our body: what we eat, drink, and breathe impact our genetic delivery.  For example, if adult diabetes runs in your family, reducing sugar and processed carbs will balance blood sugar and avoid the health consequences.  Often times nutrition, fitness and healthy lifestyle choices are shown to reverse type II diabetes. Better health is achieved by understanding your unique genetic profile and including the right ingredients. Wellness also depends on balancing of environmental, nutritional and genetic factors.  Our genes establish potential, while environment & lifestyle determines outcome.  When there is a variation in the genetic code, we refer to that in medicine as a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism, SNP.  That refers to a disruption of a segment of DNA which swaps out one DNA component for another.  This alters how the gene, and the enzymes that relate to it express themselves.  These alterations are responsible for the variability of how your body is resistant to illness.

Take the Guesswork Out

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