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Metabolic Reset & Hormone Balancing

We all know that getting older may take a toll on the body, yet what’s less obvious is that a decline in optimal health can occur at any age. The impacts of stress, on-the-go eating styles, initiating medications: especially multiple courses of antibiotics, ADD, ADHD, anti-inflammatory and even birth control have a cost on the body. Weight gain, increased body fat, hair loss, fatigue, and moodiness are just a few examples of the common symptoms that should not be brushed off as we progress from teenager to middle age and through twilight years. At PHS we take restorative and preventive approaches to optimal health by personalizing medical, metabolic nutrition and lifestyle programs– all tailor-made hormone balancing plans. Clearly one of the most astonishing aspects of human physiology is the body’s ability to repair and rebuild and restore itself. This activity goes on 24 hours a day and is most intense during sleep. Your body replaces approximately 300 billion cells every day. The wear and tear model of aging gives people the impression that they are falling apart just like their possessions but your body is not like your house or your car. Your body is quite astonishing in this regard and each day is seeking the raw materials it requires to repair and restore itself. At PHS we consider a client a person–  a human body — we link systems instead of target one symptom after another. Our solutions will allow you to experience renewed energy and live a longer, higher quality of life – as it should be. Nutritional medicine approaches are scientifically proven to reverse metabolic imbalances. In doing so disease and symptoms reverse or disappear. The more you understand your body and underlying mechanisms, the better able you are to reach you health potential.

► Tired of being tired or Just exhausted?

► Trouble getting out of bed even when you go to bed early?

► Need caffeine to stay the course?

► Feeling more alert in the evening than you do all day?

► Trouble falling asleep? Staying asleep?

► Low Libido

► Unintentional weight gain?

►Dieting to no avail?

► Decreased stamina, endurance & drive?

► Decreased exercise capacity?

► Moody?

► Difficulty bouncing back?

► Craving salty and sweet snacks?

► Feeling run down, stressed, wired?

► Feeling overwhelmed?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you may be experiencing hormonal based core regulatory imbalances. Cortisol, thyroid, or blood sugar imbalances are likely culprits- results of chronic and nutritional stress.  Consider our ReNew Wellness Course and learn how to optimize your health outcomes.