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Restoring Body Balance

Restoring body balance starts with attending to your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. This is by far a great investment as the digestive canal does a lot more than deliver food and fluids. Your GI tract is a major contributor to immune health, metabolic efficiency and hormone balance. The GI tract connects your brain to your body. GI health is a prerequisite to optimizing how the body works and pivotal to good health. Addressing form and function, creating microbial balance (pumping up good and reducing bad bacteria), removing yeast, balancing ph (reducing acidity) are necessary steps. In order for the body to properly absorb the needed nutrients from our food, we must achieve a healthy internal environment, and continue to produce enzymes for digesting food.  The interplay between your liver and your GI tract is also important. The liver is a vital organ and it performs an array of functions including detoxification (removing impurities), producing protein, making digestive aids and enhancing immunity. Removing substances that may impair body function do have a nutritional cost. Nutrients need to be replaced.  By choreographing liver and GI function you maximize your health potential. Indigestion, gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort, feeling full early, and other common complaints are signs that digestion is impaired. Taking antacids, especially long-term, may actually make the issue worse. Excess acid may not be the root cause discomfort. Raising stomach ph can impair processing of protein and minerals. The solution lies in determining what is causing the acidic ph. Then an actionable plan to reset and restore unfolds.   Sign up for our ReJuvinate Digestion course and find out more.