Heath Schneider, Doctor of Pharmacy and Functional Medicine Health Coach

As a teenager, my dream was to be a pharmacist and help people with their health.  I pursued this dream and found myself handing out medications as fast and furious as I had flipped fast food hamburgers working in a fast food restaurant in my younger days.  Due to the desire to improve people’s health, I naturally gravitated to the higher-end clinical acuity specialty pharmacy jobs and became a clinical pharmacist with a niche in Intravenous infusion medications and lab monitoring.   I quickly rose to become a successful department manager and then became director of the second-largest home health agency in the state of Indiana.

It was not until I had a break with my health and found that modern medicine had no answer that I caught the spark.  I had an ah ha moment!  Realizing that there was a whole new realm of health that I had never explored vast and promising.  I immersed myself in functional medicine protocols.  After several years I halted my health decline and regained a new energy and vitality that I had never experienced before.  My passion for functional medicine had been ignited and it has never gone out.
My desire is to merge my professional clinical knowledge with wholistic nutrition protocols to maximize health outcomes for my individual patients.   Heath coaching is both an art and a science one size does not fit all.   My years working in both fields has given me the confidence to utilize the latest advances and practices to bring a new level of wellness to your body, mind, and spirit.  I utilize labs and other scientific tests to uncover and unroot your health problems.  My struggle with an autoimmune disease has led me to have empathy and drive to help others conquer their health issues.  I specialize in all forms of functional restoration medicine.