Lori Varas

Lori Varas has recently joined Ms. Heiser in her practice after Co-founding Wholistic Nutrition, a functional medicine practice and coaching school. Lori left Wholestic Nutritionto to join Carla who has managed to get much of the specialty lab medical testing to be covered by insurance, a goal near and dear to her and Lori’s hearts. Now we have the ability to serve many more clients. Lori is a chemist with experience in environmental contamination and remediation of soil, water, and air. Her background, together with her nutritional knowledge, make Precise Health Solutions a wonderful fit for identifying and cleaning contamination from people’s bodies and keeping it clean by informed selections of nutrient-rich food With a kind heart and commitment to helping people live their best life, Lori is here to assist in a multitude of ways, from lab testing, to nutrition coaching,  prepping and cooking delicious easy meals. Lori is here to assist in person and virtually to support your goals.


Other team members not able to be here in person include Trinh Tran, MD, Roger Spahr, MD, Amy Aulicino, Nurse, Naturopathic  Doctor, and Functional Medicine Health Coach; and Heath Schneider, Doctor of Pharmacy and Functional Medicine Health Coach. Together we make a highly trained and experienced group of healthcare professionals who are prepared to bring their medical talents to your area of competitive sports by making sure that every athlete’s health supports their competitive efforts.