• There was a time when I felt unwell, not myself and tired all the time.  My stomach constantly hurt me, I was falling asleep at 8:00at night then waking up throughout the night and what pushed me over the edge was the ongoing loss of my once full, thick head of hair.  That was the final straw and I decided to seek help and treatment.  NO ONE was able to find the answer and EVERYONE wanted to give me a pill to “fix” it.  My search for an answer led me to Carla Heiser.  My body was not functioning optimally and I needed to tweak several areas of my life.  Carla and the team at PHS really helped me find my path back to health and wellness and it was a pleasure working with them.

    Michele H.

    July 22, 2015

  • My name is Susan and I live in a suburb of Chicago. I was diagnosed with systemic lupus about 30 years ago and within the first 10-15 years after diagnosis, I was hospitalized over 30 times. I was struggling to get to where I could do daily tasks because I was very fatigued and just not feeling good.  I was on a laundry list of medications without any relief from my symptoms.  I found Carla with Precision Health Solutions and she took me and my health condition on. After seeing many doctors, Carla was the only one who found the cause of my fatigue and fixed it through nutritional supplements and a change in my diet. The whole staff at PHS was very caring and took the time to find the root cause of my symptoms. I have now been off all medications for over 4 years and am feeling well enough that I went back to school and got my Master’s degree. I want to thank Carla and the whole PHS team for reversing lupus and helping me get my life back.

    Sue S.

    March 25, 2016

  • Working with PHS is a true privilege. They took the time to really listen to my concerns and health issues and created a regiment that worked with my lifestyle. Over the years that I’ve known them, Carla has provided me with both minor adjustments to support weight loss (I will never eat an apple without peanut butter again), as well as total overhaul when necessary (support when my anxiety was so bad that I couldn’t sleep for three days), all of which has been very effective.  They are a joy to work with. Sensitive when the situation calls for it and extremely knowledgeable always.

    Jennie K.

    July 30, 2015

  • After a year of reaching out to Doctors and doing my own Internet research trying to find others who were experiencing similar health issues I was starting to lose hope. Years of working out, training in the gym, playing racquet ball 3-4 hour a week, long distance running and simply enjoying the physicality of life were all going down the tube. They were all memories of my former self. Where did my energy go? How come I had to take multiple naps just to get through my day, everyday? What was happening!!? It was during this low time that a good friend of mine referred me to Carla Heiser (of Precision Health Solutions). The first time I met Carla she really got to know me. She asked me many health related questions covering a wide range of areas most of which nobody had asked me before. It was after just one visit that we had some good theories as to what might be going on and sure enough the tests confirmed what she was thinking from her assessment. Carla was not just about getting me better, she was about helping me and resourcing me, and teaching me to get better and stay better. It has been a challenge but I am happy to say that I am well on my way to recovery. I’m back to working out and have picked up long distance cycling now. Thank you Carla for helping me get my life back. My nutrition and much better understanding of healthy living has equipped me for years to come. You are a life saver for sure.

    Jonathan W.

  • I would highly recommend Michele Helland as your new Wellness Coach. She is delightful to work with and has an outstanding personality. Whenever I have had a question – if she doesn’t know the answer – she will find it among her very reliable sources.

    Clarice F.

    October 14, 2015

  • I came to PHS two years ago in agony, my body covered in psoriasis, hypoglycemia sending my blood sugar plunging and soaring, my appendix recently ruptured and removed, and my chaotic emotions mirroring my disjointed physical state. Through careful analysis, Carla first uncovered my hypoglycemia and set about teaching me to restructure my diet around small meals emphasizing proteins and fats with vegetables and reducing carbohydrate intake.  She also revamped my nutritional supplement regime to ensure I was ingesting sufficient key nutrients. My psoriasis miraculously, and to the shock of my traditional dermatologists, began to melt away.  I was not recovered yet, however – I was gaining weight, and I seemed to hit a plateau in terms of my emotional and physical health that was still far from the wellness I was hoping for. Carla and Dr. Spahr of PHS ran additional blood work, and also tested my neurotransmitter levels, which were found to be woefully deficient. They got me back on the bandwagon with the high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet I had moved somewhat away from in discouragement. And once again – dramatic improvement. Suddenly, seemingly all at once, I discovered I was creative.  I was beautiful.  I had lost a little weight, and my body had reshaped so that many of my old clothes fit again. The PHS practitioners are not happy with treating symptoms – they will not rest until the whole person has been treated and made well. They have taken me from the darkest place in my life to the brightest, and I do not have words enough to express my gratitude to my healers.  

    Skira K.

    November 12, 2015

  • Since I started the individualized nutrition and supplement plan, I have noticed a marked change in my anxiety level.  The PHS nutrition and supplement plan has done much more for me than of the psychiatric drugs! I saw my therapist recently and he was impressed by my progress. I sleep tons better & am able to laugh and have a sense of humor again.  I was able to actually take a nap today, that hasn’t happened in years! Thank you PHS!

    T. B.

  • Having been vegan/vegetarian for almost 12 years, in 2008 I found myself very very ill – insulin resistance, adrenal shut down, complete muscle and skin tone loss.    I had multiple food sensitivities, including to soy, various nuts and grains – ah hello -“sources of protein.”  The cross combination of vegan foods to create complete protein chains no longer worked and neither did supplements.   I was guided to an amazing nutitionist – Carla Rose Carpentieri Heiser​ who is in Chicago.  That began my trek back to paleo/keto eating.  Carla really saved my life, and I am continually grateful for her friendship and her intervention.

    Myrrh de M.

    July 23, 2015

  • I studied nutrition in college and know how to eat right (I just didn’t do it); but I never realized how complex a role nutrition plays in health until I started working with Carla and PHS.  They worked as a team to identify my medical, physiological and nutritional conditions.  To address the most important issues, they developed a comprehensive plan with a two-pronged approach, medical and nutritional intervention. In the beginning, I spent a significant amount of time on the phone with Carla.  She would explain to me what I need to do and why.  She would email me web links, so I could research items of interest and educate myself. Carla understands the role emotional health plays in wellness.  I feel safe sharing some of my emotional issues with her. I’m six months into my journey, and I feel and look so much better. My hair shines, my eyes sparkle, my skin appears healthy and I walk with a purpose.   My husband is thrilled that his wife is making significant progress on her road to recovery. I treasure each day, for it is a new beginning. Thank you PHS.

    Gerri G.

    November 12, 2015