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  • There was a time when I felt unwell, not myself and tired all the time.  My stomach constantly hurt me, I was falling asleep at 8:00at night then waking up throughout the night and what pushed me over the edge was the ongoing loss of my once full, thick head of hair.  That was the [...]
    Michele H.
  • Working with PHS is a true privilege. They took the time to really listen to my concerns and health issues and created a regiment that worked with my lifestyle. Over the years that I’ve known them, Carla has provided me with both minor adjustments to support weight loss (I will never eat an apple without [...]
    Jennie K.
  • My name is Susan and I live in a suburb of Chicago. I was diagnosed with systemic lupus about 30 years ago and within the first 10-15 years after diagnosis, I was hospitalized over 30 times. I was struggling to get to where I could do daily tasks because I was very fatigued and just [...]
    Sue S.
  • After a year of reaching out to Doctors and doing my own Internet research trying to find others who were experiencing similar health issues I was starting to lose hope. Years of working out, training in the gym, playing racquet ball 3-4 hour a week, long distance running and simply enjoying the physicality of life [...]
    Jonathan W.
  • I would highly recommend Michele Helland as your new Wellness Coach. She is delightful to work with and has an outstanding personality. Whenever I have had a question – if she doesn’t know the answer – she will find it among her very reliable sources.
    Clarice F.
  • I came to PHS two years ago in agony, my body covered in psoriasis, hypoglycemia sending my blood sugar plunging and soaring, my appendix recently ruptured and removed, and my chaotic emotions mirroring my disjointed physical state. Through careful analysis, Carla first uncovered my hypoglycemia and set about teaching me to restructure my diet around [...]
    Skira K.
  • Since I started the individualized nutrition and supplement plan, I have noticed a marked change in my anxiety level.  The PHS nutrition and supplement plan has done much more for me than of the psychiatric drugs! I saw my therapist recently and he was impressed by my progress. I sleep tons better & am able [...]
    T. B.
  • Having been vegan/vegetarian for almost 12 years, in 2008 I found myself very very ill – insulin resistance, adrenal shut down, complete muscle and skin tone loss.    I had multiple food sensitivities, including to soy, various nuts and grains – ah hello -“sources of protein.”  The cross combination of vegan foods to create complete [...]
    Myrrh de M.
  • I studied nutrition in college and know how to eat right (I just didn’t do it); but I never realized how complex a role nutrition plays in health until I started working with Carla and PHS.  They worked as a team to identify my medical, physiological and nutritional conditions.  To address the most important issues, [...]
    Gerri G.
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Founders and Faculty

  • Aproteem Choudhury – Research, Advocacy, and Delivery of Trauma Informed Mind-Body Medicine

    Aproteem Choudhury is passionate about promoting and supporting our innate potential to heal by developing psychological and physiological resilience. Apro received his BSc in Neuroscience from the University of Texas at Dallas, and is currently studying towards a Master’s in Social Work at the University of Houston. Apro has a combined decade of biomedical (chronic [...]

  • Lori Varas

    Lori Varas has recently joined Ms. Heiser in her practice after Co-founding Wholistic Nutrition, a functional medicine practice and coaching school. Lori left Wholestic Nutritionto to join Carla who has managed to get much of the specialty lab medical testing to be covered by insurance, a goal near and dear to her and Lori’s hearts. [...]

  • Amy Aulicino, Nurse, Naturopathic Doctor, and Functional Medicine Health Coach

  • Susan Linke

    Susan Linke MBA MS RDN LD CLT CGP has practiced in the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 2005 with a focus on chronic inflammatory conditions as well as gastrointestinal conditions such as IBS, SIBO, and IBD. She is the owner of Food Sensitivity Specialists LLC and practices as an integrative and functional dietitian, helping patients develop [...]

  • Lynn Yeoman, PhD

    After receiving a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Illinois and postdoctoral training in cancer biology at Baylor College of Medicine, I joined the faculty at Baylor College of Medicine in 1972. I began to lecture in the general pharmacology course in the medical curriculum early in my career. It was my role as [...]

  • Carla Heiser, MS, RD, LD Founding Partner Chief Nutrition and Lifestyle Officer

    Carla holds a Master's in Nutrition with an emphasis in Nutritional Biochemistry from New York Medical College. She is also Board Certified in Nutritional and Metabolic Medicine and a Diplomat of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine. [...]

  • Arlene Levy

    Arlene is thrilled and honored to be part of the Avellino Group (Nutritional and Integrative Medicine). Her participation began as a result of her 24 year association and friendship with Carla Heiser. Her contribution to the group is the result of her 43 years of ongoing training and development with Landmark Education… Listening and supporting [...]

  • Ann Marie O’Malley, RN, HTCP-I

    Ann Marie O’Malley, RN, HTCP-I has been a Registered Nurse since 1979 with experience in holistic medicine, maternal/child medicine, emergency room, and home care/hospice settings. She is certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner/Instructor thru Healing Touch Program. Ann continues to grow in her knowledge of advanced energy therapies including Shamanic – Native American studies, Energetic [...]

  • Heath Schneider, Doctor of Pharmacy and Functional Medicine Health Coach

    As a teenager, my dream was to be a pharmacist and help people with their health.  I pursued this dream and found myself handing out medications as fast and furious as I had flipped fast food hamburgers working in a fast food restaurant in my younger days.  Due to the desire to improve people’s health, [...]